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  • Franchises

    Anyone who’s ever visited a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or Sheetz is familiar with franchises, on a surface level.  In the United States, it’s all but impossible to visit a town and not find at least one example of a popular… Read More

  • It Is Time To Get To Know C-PACE

    The State of Maryland enacted a revolutionary public/private financing program in 2014 known as the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Program.  Since then, 12 counties in Maryland have adopted the legislation, including Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties… Read More

  • Building Law

    Although the real estate market is rebounding nicely after last decade’s debacle, many places throughout Maryland still have a shortage of listings.  But before you give up on the search and just build your own dream house, there are a… Read More