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  • Mutual Release Agreement

    How to Settle a Dispute with a Mutual Release Agreement Whether you’re operating as an individual or a business, entering a legal dispute can be an uphill battle.  Even with an experienced legal team on your side—like the Law Offices… Read More

  • Interview Questions

    The Interview Questions You Can’t Ask Trying to find the perfect employee during the hiring process is difficult!  Even with all of the technology we have available, this is one task that largely relies on manpower.  After reviewing resumes and… Read More

  • Commercial Real Estate Settlement

    Approaching a Commercial Real Estate Settlement with an Attorney on Your Side As far as real estate transactions go, all settlements are basically the same, right?  Wrong.  Residential and commercial approaches differ drastically, and not just in the paperwork.  As… Read More

  • Confidentiality Agreements

    Confidentiality Agreements Good Business Sense: A Perspective on Confidentiality Agreements   Amid the many news stories about confidentiality issues, we see this topic come up frequently in the business world.  Whether you’re training a new employee, working on a new… Read More

  • Before you Reevaluate your Business Loans

    Things to Consider before you Reevaluate your Business Loans The Federal Reserve raised interest rates earlier this year, and they’re projected to make one or more additional increases later in the year.  While that doesn’t sound like a big deal,… Read More