• All About Easements

    When you purchase real estate, you expect to have certain rights associated with the benefits of ownership.  You should be able to use your land for a variety of purposes without having to ask for permission (although that’s not always… Read More

  • Should I Sell? Navigating Stock Purchase Agreements

    When large corporations like Amazon or Uber “go public,” it makes national news.  However, selling shares of a company isn’t just an option for huge conglomerates.  It’s also a great way for smaller business to raise capital and grow—though many… Read More

  • The ABC’s of Zoning Law

    Before purchasing a building or piece of land, especially if you’re planning to use it for your business, it’s important to figure out how it’s zoned.  Zoning is the process of planning for land use and allowing certain structures/building uses… Read More

  • What’s in a Power of Attorney?

    When the topic of estate planning arises, the term “power of attorney” inevitably comes up.  However, few people are aware of the multiple types of this legal arrangement you can enter, much less the nuances that separate them.  Additionally, a… Read More

  • Intellectual Property

    We live in a new age of innovation.  Every day, it seems, a new piece of technology emerges to make our lives easier.  You may want to be a part of this, but having a great idea is only half… Read More

  • Employer-Employee Law

    Whether you’re a small business of 3 people, or a large business of 3,000, your employees remain your largest asset.  That’s why employer-employee law is so vital to the success and overall growth of an organization.  Not only is it… Read More

  • Legal Concerns in the Medical Field

    In the media, lawyers and doctors are often portrayed as adversaries.  Headlines read of legal battles between patients and physicians, as well as class action lawsuits, but readers tend to forget that lawyers play an important part on both sides… Read More

  • How to Expand Your Small Business Financially

    Being a small business owner is a tenuous position for many Americans.  When faced with dozens of demands on your time, energy, and, of course, money, how do you balance the needs of everyone you work with on a daily… Read More

  • Franchises

    Anyone who’s ever visited a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or Sheetz is familiar with franchises, on a surface level.  In the United States, it’s all but impossible to visit a town and not find at least one example of a popular… Read More

  • It Is Time To Get To Know C-PACE

    The State of Maryland enacted a revolutionary public/private financing program in 2014 known as the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Program.  Since then, 12 counties in Maryland have adopted the legislation, including Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties… Read More