Employer-Employee Lawyer

employer-employee lawyer

An employer-employee lawyer can help draft agreements, and keep companies up to date with employee rights laws.

Hire an Employer-Employee Lawyer if Your Business is Expanding

The goal of many business owners is to grow and expand, and this usually means a necessary increase in employees. This also means you should hire an employer-employee lawyer or business attorney. In some cases, business owners may want to bring in new management, or may take on employees through a merger or acquisition. If your business needs help with employer-employee services, consider hiring an employment attorney.

Employer-Employee Lawyer for Employment Agreements

Employment agreements can vary in complexity, and usually need to be tailored to the specific position being filled. An employment attorney can help with all types of new hires, from executive or senior level management to standard employment agreements. They can create documents such as confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. Independent contractor contracts can also be handled by an employment attorney.

Employment Manuals, Forms and Policies

Having clear policies is an advantage for businesses. It helps employees understand what is expected of them in their position and at the workplace. An employment lawyer can help a business comply with existing laws by developing and updating employee manuals, personnel forms, anti-discrimination policies and anti-harassment policies.

Transaction Support

In the event of a merger or acquisition transaction, changes in employment policy may be necessary. An employment lawyer will review various contracts and documents that could affect the sale or purchase of a company.

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