Business and Corporate Law

The business and corporate lawyers of the Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. serve businesses of all sizes and industries on a full range of business issues. From small to mid-sized businesses, sole proprietorships to larger corporations, we provide legal services to help clients buy, sell and operate their businesses in Columbia, Clarksville, Baltimore, Howard County and throughout Maryland.

Business and Corporate Law Services

Business Entity Formation

We advise individuals on the formation of a variety of business entities, including limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Our clients include businesses in nearly every segment of industry, including real estate, construction, automotive services, hospitality, technology, medical and professional services.

Bylaws and Operating Agreements

We draft operating agreements for LLCs and bylaws and stockholder agreements for corporations which is an essential step in regulating the management and operation of your organization.

Stock Purchase Agreements

The sale of stock, due to risk of fraudulent activity, is strictly regulated. Even though smaller privately-held corporations receive some exemptions from security registrations, shareholders and officers at these companies still need to comply with regulations when selling or purchasing stock. Recent stock purchase agreements we have drafted and negotiated include the purchase of a restaurant, a transportation business and several real estate investment companies.

Compliance Advice

We advise companies about maintaining compliance with city, county, state and federal regulations, rules and orders in their business operations.

Marketing and Advertising Agreements

If you are promoting your business using an outside advertising agency or marketing firm, a marketing agreement can help avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding of the goals and deliverables associated with the project. Likewise, marketing agreements also protect agencies and firms by clearly spelling out expectations on both sides.

Confidentiality Agreements

We help ensure that confidential information is protected through solid legal representation which allows you to share information with outside consultants or potential employees without the risk of having valuable secrets disclosed.

Additional business and corporate law services include:

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