Commercial Landlord Tenant Lawyer

The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. has broad legal experience in the area of being a commercial landlord tenant lawyer. We provide our clients with advice on all types of commercial lease work. Our experience in real estate law enables us to assist clients in Columbia, Baltimore, Howard County and all of Maryland with a variety of matters, from the drafting and reviewing of commercial leases to the negotiation of ancillary agreements as well as representation during landlord-tenant disputes.

Commercial Landlord Tenant Lawyer Services

Drafting and Review of Lease Agreements

A commercial lease agreement is a highly negotiable agreement. Our commercial lease attorneys understand not just real estate law, but the business and corporate law that a real estate agent may not consider during negotiations. We have assisted commercial clients with not only the drafting and negotiating of leases, but also with the drafting and negotiating of the range of agreements that are associated with commercial leases, such as licenses and easements, janitorial service agreements, elevator maintenance agreements, parking garage management agreements, construction contracts for tenant improvements, security service contracts, landscaping service contracts and property management agreements. Sample representations include the drafting and negotiating of leases on behalf of the owner of a commercial strip shopping center in Anne Arundel County, the owner of office buildings in Baltimore County and the owner of a warehouse building in Howard County.

Negotiation and Re-Negotiation of Amendments to Lease Agreements

When commercial leases require modification, we provide negotiation and drafting of lease amendments. Sample representations include negotiating lease renewals and representing a commercial office tenant seeking a request for reduction in rent.

Template Leases

For large commercial and residential properties, we can prepare template leases and the accompanying riders for regular use. Sample representations include preparation of template leases and various riders and addenda on behalf of a 300-unit apartment complex in Montgomery County.

Advisory Opinions Regarding Lease Provisions

Because landlord-tenant relationships can sometimes end up in disputes, we offer our clients efficient and unparalleled representation in all aspects of landlord-tenant litigation, including summary proceedings, evictions, rent disputes, distress proceedings, holdover proceedings, deposit disputes, property damage claims and constructive eviction litigation.

Rent Court Actions, Tenant Default, Eviction and Asset Sales

When landlord-tenant disputes arise, our attorneys have experience filing rent court actions on behalf of many commercial landlords following payment default of tenants. In addition, we can coordinate eviction of commercial tenants and help with selling remaining tenant assets. We can assist with obtaining money judgments against tenants and filing of bank garnishments, wage garnishments and liens on real property as well as obtaining post-judgment discovery through interrogatories in aid or execution and executing on other assets.

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