Franchise Law

The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. regularly assists franchisees in all matters of franchise law, including the review of franchise offerings and the negotiation of franchise agreements with the franchisor. In addition to reviewing, advising and negotiating franchise offerings for prospective franchisees, we can establish the corporation or limited liability company that will be the franchisee. We can review and negotiate the lease of commercial real estate. Should a dispute arise, we can represent franchisees from Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia and throughout all of Maryland in negotiating an equitable resolution or termination agreement.

We also represent buyers and sellers of existing franchises and deal with transfer, termination, non-renewal, and other franchise law issues. Our franchise law attorneys have represented companies looking to expand by establishing new franchise businesses. We also help companies establish distribution and licensing systems that are not franchises, and advise companies whose businesses may inadvertently fall within the scope of the franchise laws.

Franchise Law Services

Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements vary widely depending upon the industry and type of franchise. Many factors, such as sales areas, royalty payments, advertising and site selection, must be carefully reviewed and negotiated when possible. We assist franchisees with the review and negotiation of franchise agreements, as well as license agreements, technology agreements and area developer agreements.

Franchise Disclosure Documents, Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars and Financial Projections

The Franchise Disclosure Document, previously known as a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC), contains a wealth of information that franchisors are required by law to provide to prospective franchisees. Our experienced franchise lawyers can review the Franchise Disclosure Document to inform your decision to invest in a franchise. We can also assist with financial projections and provide assistance with site selection and review of term sheet and lease agreement with the landlord. For clients looking to register as a franchisor and begin selling franchises, we can assist with preparing and filing the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Legal Advice in Sale of Franchise

When selling or purchasing a franchise, our knowledgeable franchise attorneys can assist with obtaining consent from franchisor and landlord and ensuring that seller take-back financing is not only documented, but also secured through a collateral pledge agreement.

Franchise Termination Agreement

Should performance issues or other concerns arise that cannot be resolved, we advise franchisees in terminating their franchise agreement with the franchisor and negotiate a termination agreement.

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