Land Use and Zoning Law

The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. is equipped to guide clients through all aspects of development, land use, and zoning law. Our land use and zoning attorneys  have extensive knowledge of procedures, including planning, permitting and rezoning. We have solid relationships with legislators and administrators in local jurisdictions in Howard County (including Columbia & Clarksville), Baltimore City and throughout Maryland that allow us to effectively advocate on your behalf.

Land Use and Zoning Law Services

Our zoning and land use law services include the following:

Zoning and Land Use Due Diligence and Analysis

Due diligence and analysis in regards to zoning and land use is an essential step in commercial real estate transactions. Zoning laws are routinely changing and this affects how a property can be developed and constructed and what business can be conducted on the site. Our zoning and land use attorneys conduct thorough due diligence to uncover essential data to inform your decision.

Advocacy with Local and State Jurisdictions

The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. has built strong professional relationships with key legislators, administrators, and their staff in local jurisdictions throughout Maryland. These relationships, combined with our experience in all aspects of both construction law and zoning and land use law, allow our attorneys to advocate more effectively and achieve our client’s desired outcome.


We offer clients legal advice regarding all aspects of the planning process, including site plans, mixed-use development and comprehensive plan amendments.


Our attorneys can assist clients with the rezoning of properties and ordinance amendments. Sample representations include rezoning property in Baltimore City from residential to business.


Sample representations include obtaining variance from building set back and parking requirements to construct a restaurant in Howard County.

Taxation Issues

We represent clients during taxation assessment appeals and submission of tax abatement applications. Sample representations include handling the appeal of an incorrect tax assessment for an office building and return of taxes.

Condemnation Issues

Sample representations include negotiating with Howard County regarding value of a property in condemnation action.

Other Zoning and Land Use Services

  • Administrative Interpretations
  • Permitting
  • Transferable Development Rights
  • Increment Financing Districts

Sample representations include representing land owner in subdividing property in Howard County into 14 residential building lots; and representing client in purchase of 7 density exchange options and assisting with transfer of density exchange options to receiving property.

How Can We Help?

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