Partnership Agreements

partnership agreements

Frank discussions between business partners are best done early so business can run smoothly.

Partnership Agreements

Every now and then someone will go out and start a business on their own, but in most cases it takes the efforts of more than a single person for a business plan to make the jump from idea to reality. Plan ahead with partnership agreements when entering a business endeavour with another person. When the dream of owning and operating your own business is looking more and more like a reality it’s time to have a frank conversation with your businesses partner or partners.

Division of Duties

Things work better when they are totally fleshed out and down on paper. This goes double for business responsibilities. A lax attitude towards who does what can quickly devolve into finger pointing when vital work functions aren’t being handled. Division of responsibilities and division of powers are necessary to make sure no one is working past capacity and that each partner has a say in the actions of the business.

Adding or Losing Partners

A business that’s been around long enough will eventually have to deal with adding or losing a partner. Whether it be expansion, retirement, or moving to a new opportunity, changes in the amount or roles of partners comes with some amount of difficulty. Does a partner retain their share of the profits if they retire? Will a new partner receive an equal share in the profits as the other partners?  This concept will be discussed briefly in our next blog.

Partnership Agreements

A written partnership agreement, drafted by an attorney, can help clear up and avoid any potential issues. Who runs the company, what is the scope of their power, how do profits and losses get distributed are key elements of these documents, but there are other details an attorney will be able to identify and incorporate into a written agreement for all the partners.

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