Get a Franchise Attorney to Help!

Franchisee Lawyer

Opening a franchise could be a great way for you to open a business, but a franchisee lawyer would help.

Want to Open a Franchise? Get a Franchise Attorney to Help!

For many people, opening a franchise is a great way to become a business owner. You don’t have to worry about building a brand or finding a customer base in the same way as businesses starting off on their own. Franchises are a complicated business deals though, so having the right franchise attorney on your side can make all the difference. Here are just a few ways a lawyer knowledgeable in franchise law can help you.

Establishing a Franchise

Whenever a franchise is established, the franchisee must enter into an agreement with the franchisor. The franchise agreement will be particular to the industry and type of franchise, and needs to be reviewed carefully and possibly negotiated. If negotiations are needed, a skilled and experienced franchise lawyer will be invaluable. A lawyer should also be able to help negotiate the lease of commercial real estate.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

This document, formerly known as a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, includes information on the franchise, and must be made available to prospective franchisees by law. History and financial information on the franchise, relevant past and current litigation, fees and other information is all included in the FDD. A franchisee can help you review the FDD and understand what is contained in it, as well as point out any worrying aspects that may affect your decision.

Are You a Franchise?

If you aren’t well versed in franchise law, your business may be within the bounds of franchise law without even knowing it. The right lawyer will be able to help register your business as a franchisor so you can start selling franchises.

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