I engaged the law firm of Kirk Halpin and Associates to assist in a complex commercial transaction. The transaction involved multiple parties and jurisdictions in Maryland. I choose Mr. Halpin’s firm due to his extensive knowledge in commercial real estate transactions and knowledge of process in each county to file properly. Mr. Halpin provided excellent service and counsel in making the transaction a great success.
– Ken W.

Three strategic relationships are needed in business: a good banker, a good accountant, and a good attorney. I have been fortunate to find all three. I have been a client of Kirk Halpin for 13 years. I originally engaged Kirk during the purchase of a business. Over the years, Kirk has assisted with negotiating the purchase of a business, establishing a new business, a partnership agreement, lease contracts, other contract reviews, handling unscrupulous business practices, the collection of a large overdue account and general counsel. Kirk listens to my needs, educates me along the way and discusses the various options and possible outcomes. I feel he responds quickly and communicates well. Kirk Halpin is my trusted legal advisor.
– Kevin Corcoran, President, Professional Livery Worldwide

For the last ten years, Kirk Halpin has provided me with extraordinary legal services, both for my personal and business legal needs. Although there have been numerous times when his counsel and legal representation accrued to my benefit, one matter stands out as an example of his commitment and determination. In 2014, he helped me with a highly complex mortgage matter involving multiple banks and title companies. Others would have given up, but Mr. Halpin went the extra mile and saw the matter through to a successful conclusion. The benefits to me were enormous. He is the “go-to” attorney for all my legal needs. I would highly recommend him as a trusted advisor and legal advocate.
– Francis Del Balzo

At Let’s Move, we have been working with Kirk Halpin for nearly 6 years. During that time, we have engaged Kirk and his firm for a variety of projects, from writing contracts to negotiating purchase agreements to managing trademark protections. We turn to Kirk and his firm for everything from the mundane legal questions that arise throughout the year, to more complex situations that require discussion of possible options. Kirk has provided valuable legal advice as we have grown from a startup to an established business, and has truly been a trusted business advisor at every stage of our corporate development.

– Kimberly McMahon & Allison Pihl, Owners, Let’s Move

In 2012 when my husband died, he left a close to 60-acre property in Howard County part of which he wanted to sub divide to allow several single residences. My step children and I sought a competent real estate attorney with extensive experience in the Howard County development process and working within an LLC framework. After interviewing several firms, we signed an agreement with Kirk Halpin and his law firm beginning a three-and-a-half year process to sell and bring to settlement our property. We hired Kirk as we found he had the most relevant and successful experience to conduct a thorough and successful RFP (request for proposals) process, vet prospective buyers, work with us to select a buyer and, most importantly, develop a tight contract that would protect us and carry us through to an eventual, successful settlement.

I am pleased to say that we received this professional assistance and then some. I want to state here that what made this possible, indeed enjoyable in spite of several external roadblocks that came our way, was Kirk’s flexibility, knowledge, ability to work with us and the buyer and achieve consensus all along the way. For me, Kirk made himself and his office staff available as needed as we worked our way through the process. He always responded promptly to requests for information and explanation, no easy task for a busy attorney. I can only speak to our needs, however, I would encourage potential clients in need of the type of real estate services I have described above to contact Kirk Halpin, sit down with him, and be frank in describing your specific needs and expected outcomes. Believe me, he will be frank in explaining just what is and what is not possible. We found that managing expectations was perhaps the most important element in Kirk’s successfully reaching our end goal, with patience and expertise.
– Janet Marshall

Our firm has recommended Kirk Halpin and his team to many of our clients. Everyone I have spoken to has said only positive things about the firm. Kirk has a strong worth ethic and gets excellent results for his clients. I highly recommend him.
– Glen E. Frost, Esq., CPA, Frost & Associates, LLC

We selected Kirk Halpin on the advice of our realtor. His initial role was to consult and write a contract of sale for our commercial property in downtown Annapolis. This has been a very complex and extended transaction with many twist along the way but Kirk and his team have handled every aspect in an expert and timely manner.

We especially appreciate his responsiveness (even on a Saturday when necessary) and attention to detail. His advice and follow through has kept our transaction moving forward. We are very grateful to have him on our team and highly recommend his services.
– Greg Kaufman, Chandler LLC

Kirk is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate and condominium law attorneys in the State of Maryland. He has represented us on numerous commercial transactions over the past seven years, providing services ranging from basic contract drafting to complex commercial condominium development, and he has delivered quality work in a highly professional manner on every project.
– Ron Council. Jr., Member, Edgewood Property Holdings, LLC

Kirk and his team provide two critical services to Howard Tech. They’re experts in the law and I trust them to get the job done. I can’t imagine not having a trust partner to help me with important legal issues.
– Ananta H., Howard Tech Advisors

When Kirk and I met for the first time, I immediately knew he was not only someone I could trust, but also an extremely capable real estate attorney that could handle the sophisticated nature of our business. Whether it is securities law, operating agreements or general counsel on complicated real estate issues, nothing is too big for Kirk and his growing team. He continues to help us structure our debt and equity financings, protect us from undue liability and advise us on current matters affecting our industry. With Halpin & Associates, you can be assured that you’ll receive first class representation.
– Brad S.

I have worked with Kirk and his team for many years now on a wide variety of complex property, investment and business projects. I have always found Kirk to be insightful, responsive and thorough but very business outcome orientated. He has consistently added value over and above the legal aspects of any transaction.
– Gary S.

I look for a law firm that is knowledgeable, efficient, effective and responsive. Kirk Halpin and his associates have definitely been that for my landlord and owner contracts and dealings over the last ten years. I have used Kirk and his associates for contracts and landlord tenant issues over the last ten years in my commercial warehouse.

Kirk was referred by my commercial real estate broker and he has been a wonderful lawyer for me. He has always given decisive answers and wonderful advice in Landlord/Tenant issues and has been wonderful drawing contracts and simplifying issues. He has been a confidence builder and helped draw wonderful contracts over the last ten years. He has been timely, responsive and instills a lot of confidence in drawing my contracts. I have confidence in our contracts and have been successful with my warehouse and stayed out of court while resolving issues. We have rock solid contracts and have been successful.

My experience has been in commercial real estate law with Kirk and it has been wonderful. Kirk Halpin and his associates are most competent and responsive in giving an excellent owner/lawyer relationship and efficient and competent results. I am most pleased with our results and our relationship.
– H. Lindley Grubbs, General Partner of Regent Enterprises LP Building, a 126,000 sq ft commercial warehouse in Odenton, MD