Intellectual Property & Technology Law

Intellectual property rights are a key asset for any business, but these rights can be difficult to enforce and protect without assistance from a skilled intellectual property attorney. The Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A. provides legal counsel in various matters of intellectual property law to clients from Columbia, Howard County, Baltimore and throughout Maryland. In addition, we provide representation regarding technology law to a range of firms that are actively using the Internet in growing their businesses. We assist clients with online and networking aspects of their operations, whether in contracts with suppliers and customers, privacy policies, terms of use, copyright matters, domain name disputes, online advertising and other related matters.

Intellectual Property Law Services

Trademark and Service Mark Applications

Registering for a trademark establishes legal presumption of ownership and exclusive rights to the mark. It allows you to notify the public of the claim and take any legal action surrounding the mark to federal court. Trademarks distinguish through words, designs or symbols the source of goods. Service marks are used to distinguish the source of services.

Our intellectual property attorneys can assist with trademark or service mark applications. Sample representations include filing a trademark application with the State of Maryland on behalf of a fitness club and filing for a service mark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an automobile body shop. For patent prosecutions, we work with outside law firms.

Nondisclosure Agreements

For businesses that need to protect important confidential information that must be shared with employees or contractors, such as a manufacturing process, customer list or marketing plan, we offer assistance with the creation of nondisclosure agreements.

Technology Law Services

Technology-Related Contracts

The broad range of technology-related contracts we draft includes trademark licenses, software and patent licenses, maintenance agreements, development agreements, nondisclosure agreements, consulting agreements, web terms and privacy policies. We also represent more traditional computer companies, such as network integrators and software developers. Sample representations include negotiating license agreements on behalf of an integrated green building company, a pay-per-click advertising company and a search engine marketing company.

Website Policies, Terms, and Conditions

We prepare a full range of documents related to doing business online. Our web-based clients include web storefronts, web-based businesses and website developers. Sample representations include preparing website terms and conditions and an end-user license agreement for a business consultant.

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